In the centre of the South-West of Karelia, near the lakes Salonyarvi and Suoyarvi, on the banks of the never freezing of the river Aitoyoki lies the historical Finnish settlement Vegarus. The name derives from norse root "vegard" and means "four sides of the world". In the amateur a picturesque place among the lakes and the taiga forest is located our hotel, where you can fully relax and experience the life-giving power of the karelian nature.

We offer wellness vacation in Karelia, accommodation in cozy rooms, delicious and healthy food, automobile, bicycle and boat trips and walks, rafting, fishing and hunting, Russian baths. Iinteresting excursions organized in the National park Tolvayarvi, in the karelian village of Kinerma, on the marble canyon Ruskeala, a cult mount Vottovaara, island Balaam.

If you are planning a fishing trip or a holiday in the base of leisure in Karelia, we are waiting for you in the Forest Hotel "Vegarus".